Practical Consulting, Inc.
7248 Crinstead Ct.
Cincinnati, OH 45243
(513) 328-6553
Practical Consulting has been providing Yardi property management training since 1997. Also, providing Microsoft training since 2000 (Excel, Access, Word, Office). As we enter the new year PCI wishes to continue to provide scheduled training. We are rebuilding our training sessions as newer versions are causing us to upgrade our training materials. If there is any area that you would like training in that is not listed here we would be more than happy to try to provide other areas of training.   Are you getting eaten alive by web hosting costs and update development? Practical Consulting's rates are $150 per domain per month this includes 5 hours of support. You NEVER lose the accumulated hours unless used or you decide not to pay the monthly fee. If you have multiple domains you may use your hours in any manner you wish. The hours are yours to use for training, technical support, Database Customization or web development.
PCI has been providing the Personnel to either assist with a database project or design a custom database to suit your business needs. Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, MySQL, and others to provide intranet services as well as internet services.   Besides training we also can come onto your site and analyse your computer systems and suggest improvements or just purely document the system. Google doesn't always have the exact answer your looking for, when your in need of an answer quickly just give us a call and we will answer your question in a timely manner.